Meet Adham and Linda. Just two kids in love who enjoy traveling and experiencing everything together! Karina happened to run into Adham one day when she was visiting Philadelphia from her home in Venezuela. She visited Adham’s family run merchant, Kamal’s Middle Eastern Specialties in the Reading Terminal Market. They’ve been inseparable since!

Linda started her day getting ready at Adham’s parent’s house, while Adham got ready at his brother’s house. Once ready, Adham greeted Linda as she walked gracefully down the stairs. What an awesome moment! After blessings from the family, we headed to Philly to take photos at the popular Water Works in Philadelphia for their wedding photos.

Taking their photos was the easy part, Linda and Adham have a charming, playful love between the two of them and I could have taken their photos all day! Navigating through the hundreds of people enjoying the summer day…not so easy. We even had to work around someone dressed up as the Cookie Monster! After the portraits we headed to City Hall where there was a historical moment for Linda’s home country, Venezuela. There was a Liberation Moment and they were calling on all citizens to vote for the recognition of the National Assembly and voting for immediate general elections. She walked up with pride and casted her vote!

After their photos, we headed to Luciens Manor for an incredible party in the grand ballroom! They danced, chanted, danced more and had an insane time celebrating their love!

Here are some of my favorites from their wedding!