When I met Allison and Darrell about their Bradford Estates wedding, I was staring at a different version of my wife and I. Allison is very task and goal oriented, Darrell is laid back, smiles and enjoys the ride haha! We instantly became friends and they hired me for their Bradford Estates wedding.

From their Cape May engagement session, to their beautiful late-spring wedding, capturing Allison and Darrell was a breeze. They laughed, danced, posed and embraced the spotlight that comes with a wedding day.


Hairspray, Wu-Tang and Pool

Allison got ready with her girls in the Bradford Estate’s bridal suite, as the guys got ready next door in the groom’s suite. Both rooms were built to cater each wedding party and featured large mirrors and great natural light for the girls, and an Xbox and pool table for the guys. Each party took full advantage of all the amenities and even added a little Wu-Tang Clan to set the mood. Wu-Tang forever.

Right before Allison and Darrell walked down the aisle, they read letters they wrote to each other, which I was able to capture in a cool, creative way.


I Do

Allison and Darrell were married in the Bradford Estate’s outdoor ceremony space. Friends and family gathered in the mild spring to witness Allison and Darrell say ‘I do’.


Family portraits, bridal party and photos of Allison and Darrell were taken right on the grounds of the Bradford Estates. This group was so easy to work with!!!

The Party

A&D’s Bradford Estates wedding reception was kicked off with a beautiful first dance, followed by an epic speech by Darrell’s best man. He spoke about how much Darrell was loved and looked up to by the kids he coached. Definitely one of the most memorable speeches I’ve heard at a wedding. Guests enjoyed delicious food (Bradford Estates has the best food…hands down), an open bar and SCE DJs kept the party going. JWP wishes Mr. and Mrs. Ford a lifetime of happiness!!!