I met Dave a few years ago when we both worked for the same company. I eventually left the company and we caught up a few years later when I photographed Katie and Vinnie’s wedding. That’s when I met Jesenia and I remember thinking how unique her name is. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her name before so it really stuck out.

When Dave proposed to Jesenia and reached out to me, I was ecstatic! Not only was I happy for them, but it’s always an honor to capture friend’s weddings.  Jesenia and Dave had a hard time deciding on where they wanted their engagement session. We finally decided to have it at Asbury Park, and it happened to be in a stretch where I had three other Asbury Park engagement session in a two-week span! While I love Asbury, shooting at the same place can lead to a creative block, but fortunately it’s big enough to offer a different look for my clients.

They not only killed their engagement session, but braved some chilly temps and crashing waves on the jetty! Their energy is going to make for some awesome wedding photos at their Ramblewood wedding! Here are some of my favorites from their Asbury Park engagement session!