Camping Lifestyle Engagement Photos

I learned early that Casey and Eric love the outdoors. Their wedding is at a very unique place called Whitesbog Village, which I live very close to.  It’s historic, rustic and is going to be cool AF! I’ve spent time hiking around the area and even did a couple engagement sessions there.

When we started talking about engagement photos, we kicked around some ideas before I suggested to just go camping. Set up a site, do your thing and I’ll do my thing. They loved the idea and we booked the date. Now I’m too boujee for camping, I need my air conditioning and creature comforts. But these two were truly in their element!

I loved capturing them making fires, playing with their dog who is just a puppy and not even half the size he’s eventually going to be, and the epic hammock fail (see photo of them laughing and laying on the ground). I also learned how Casey caught Eric’s eye the moment he saw her, and how they’ve been inseparable since. Proof that the moment you see someone, your soul just knows when you belong together.

I loved getting to know Casey and Eric and I can’t wait for their day!