Disney’s Magic Kingdom Engagement

When Kayla and Curt initially contacted me, I found out that she was a HUGE Disney fan. Being a huge Disney fan myself, I immediately came up with an insane idea for their engagement session. During our wedding consultation we discussed details of their wedding day, timelines and all of the usual logistics. When we discuss their engagement session, Kayla’s eyes lit up when I suggested a Magic Kingdom engagement session! After some careful planning we came up with a date, a plan and made it happen!

The Epic Adventure

I flew down Wednesday night and checked into the Coronado Springs Resort. Since my daughter was off from school, I decided to take her and have an epic adventure she’d remember forever. After spending some late night hours in the Magic Kingdom with her, I met Kayla and Curt at the Magic Kingdom in the morning. I was too excited to think about how tired I actually was! I mean it’s not everyday you get to do a Magic Kingdom Engagement!

I’ve been to Disney over a dozen times. I’m familiar with what it offers and knew some cool spots around the park. I wanted anyone viewing the photos to know this was a Magic Kingdom Engagement, but not over-Disney’d…if that makes sense. We started under the train station where I knew there some cool symmetrical stairs. We then moved over to pillars by the Emporium and a little ally off Main Street. Making our way to Fantasyland we came across a bridge that connected Adventure Land to the main hub and sweet talked our way into Belle’s Castle. We then moved towards new Fantasyland to capture a shot on the Dumbo ride.

I had this idea to capture them kissing on the Dumbo ride with the background showing motion. It was a tricky shot to pull off as I had to make sure I slowed my shutter down just enough to balance motion with sharpness and not overexposing the image. I then realized that I can take a shot with a fast shutter speed to catch them kissing, then slow down my shutter speed for the motion. I then merged the two images in Photoshop. The shot came out exactly as I envisioned!


We made our way to Belle’s Castle, Rapunzel’s Tower and the area behind the Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square. 10:30am rolled around and the park started filling up. We wrapped up with breakfast at Starbucks.

It was an epic experience for the both of us! I honestly don’t know who had more fun with this session as it was truly one for the ages!