Batsto Engagement Photos

I love when I first speak with clients, and you just hit it off! Everything I said turned out to be what she is looking for in a photographer. Everything she said she wanted was what I look for in a client. It was the perfect match! After she booked me for her and Tyler’s wedding, we decided on Batsto engagement photos.

Batsto engagement photos hold three guarantees…beautiful light, cool backdrops, and killer mosquitos. Teresa and Tyler’s engagement was no exception. The things we do for some cool photos!

I tried a few new things during this session, one of them a technique called “prisming”. It’s something one of my favorite photographers, Sam Hurd pioneered. Essentially, it’s holding a three-sided prism against the front of your lens. As you move it around, it causes the light to refract and throw these cool streaks of colors around, adding a different element to the photos. It can even cause reflections, depending on the angle you hold it. I love how it never creates the same result.

I also created a reflection by putting my iPhone at the end of my lens. While I’ve done this in the past, this is first time I really loved the results.

Teresa and Tyler were so in synced together throughout the session and made my job easy. I just put them in place, asked them to do a few things and they created art. My favorite part of photographing them was when I asked them questions and they answered them in a shy, coy demeanor. It really captured their personalities in the photos!

Beautiful light, cool location (but cooler people) and bug bites. The bug bites will go away, these photos are around forever.