What could be more fitting for two nature loving people deep in love? A relaxed DIY wedding with an absolutely gorgeous sunset and a bonfire!!! All these things sum up Casey and Eric’s Whitesbogs Village Wedding.

I frequently walk around Whitesbogs Village with my family, it’s natural beauty, gorgeous vistas and sunsets are stunning. It served as the absolute perfect location for Casey and Eric, as they love nature and often go camping and out for hikes. I can go on all day, but I’m a big believer that photos are stronger than words. So here are some of my favorites from Casey and Eric’s Whitesbogs Village Wedding!


Whitesbogs Village is located in Pemberton, NJ in the Pine Barrens. If you visit, a 4×4 vehicle is recommended as almost all the roads are dirt. Bring binoculars and a long lens as you may spot bald eagles and watch out for wild pigs!