Gail and Tom’s Northampton Country Club Wedding

There is something about country club weddings that make me feel at home. I’m sure it’s because I can incorporate my love of landscape photography in with wedding photography. So when Gail and Tom asked me to photograph their Northampton Country Club wedding, excitement filled my veins!

Located near Tyler State Park, Northampton Country Club provides beautiful landscape and a friendly, helpful staff. Their bacon mac and cheese is ridiculously good btw. More on that later. As the night went on, all the beautiful memories made would rival all the beautiful memories ever made at nearby Tyler State Park’s long history. Here are my memories as I saw them through my lens.

Put lotion on your wenus.

Gail prepped for her day amongst family, friends and mimosa at a local hotel. Typically bags, make-up, aerosol spray and people fill hotel rooms, sometimes making it hard to capture photos. Luckily, Gail reserved a room just for photos…making it a breeze! I used the time and space to capture Gail’s gorgeous Allure Bridal dress along with her jewelry, flowers and shoes. As Gail’s sister buttoned her dress, one of her bridesmaids said “you need lotion on your wenus” and applied lotion to her elbow. We all started laughing and definitely a moment I’ll always remember!

Tom prepped at home with his boys, family and their dog. My second shooter, Jenna captured toasts, dogs and “the mustache”. Yep, groom prep is a whole lot different than bridal prep.



Kisses, smiles and bubbles.

Before heading to their Northampton Country Club wedding, Gail and Tom married each other in a beautiful church. Filipino traditions, beautiful vows, smiles and an epic bubble exit were the highlight of their nuptials!

Epic lighting + epic people = epic photos.

We took advantage of the gorgeous Northampton Country Club landscape to capture bridal party photos along with bride and groom portraits. Gail, Tom, Jenna and myself jumped on one golf cart to chase light, look for epic photo spots all while ducking low-hanging branches and avoiding other golfers. I’m pretty sure the cart almost tipped over a couple times but hey, all a part of the experience. As Gail and Tom’s reception started, I noticed the sky exploding with color! I brought Gail and Tom outside to capture an epic sunset shot!

Make it rain.

One thing I found out quickly…Northampton Country Club makes a wicked bacon mac and cheese!!! I think I had about two bowls. Anyway, Gail and Tom kicked off their party with a beautiful first dance followed by emotional speech by the Matron of Honor, a hilarious speech by the Best Man, and a beautiful blessing by Tom’s mother.

In the middle of the dance floor, Gail and Tom danced to the money dance. Friends and family gathered around Gail and Tom and a epic scene unfolded as they showered the bride and groom with money! I love this Filipino tradition and it’s always awesome to capture!

At the end of the night people left with smiles, a full stomach and memories to last a lifetime. It was truly an honor for JWP to capture Gail and Tom’s Northampton Country Club wedding memories!