Karina and Adham’s Waterworks Wedding Photos

Before I blog about Karina and Adham’s Waterworks wedding photos, I want to blog about their story. Karina and Adham met by pure happenstance and is a perfect example of how you just know. Adham plays a big role in his family’s business, Kamal’s Middle Eastern Specialties at Reading Terminal Market. Karina met Adham when she visited Philadelphia from her home of Venezuela. To say it was love at first sight is an understatement. Hearing Karina’s excitement in her voice when she described seeing Adham’s Facebook friend request on her phone, you cant help but smile. Again, sometimes you just know.

Getting ready

Fast forward to their wedding day. Venezuelan and Syrian traditions filled Karina and Adham’s wedding day, and it’s always incredible to be a part of different cultures. Karina got ready at Adham’s parent’s house, while Adham got ready at his brother, Hesham’s condo. Adham was besides himself with excitement! His brothers, cousins and close friends helped him get ready while laughing and having a great time.

Karina’s family helped her get into her beautiful dress and ready to see Adham for the first time, but not before Dad got to see her. His proud eyes soaked her in and gave her a hug. Karina’s father then walked her down the stairs to Adham, and traditionally placed their hands together. Family from both sides gave the couple their blessing, and they were off to their Waterworks wedding photos!

Waterworks Wedding Photos!

We had a small window to take wedding photos, so I had to formulate a plan with my second photographer, Jenna. Good thing I’m familiar with the place! For the small window of time we had, we made good use of the area. After the photos, Karina made her way to City Hall to sign a petition to reject the proposed constitutional rewrite. To have this historical even occur on her wedding day made things that much more special! Fellow Venezuelans flocked to her and posed for photos. Of course she happily posed with them!

The Massive Party

Lucien’s spacious room easily held the approx. 200 guests. Karina and Adham kicked off the night with a traditional first dance which lasts about 20 minutes. All the family gathers on the dance floor to dance and celebrate the newly married couple. It’s a beautiful site and such a privilege to be a part of!

JWP is honored to be a part of their day, and I wish you two the best!