Kayla and Curt’s The Merion Wedding Photos

When I first met Kayla and Curt about photographing their The Merion Wedding, I immediately discovered that they (well Kayla) are Disney fanatics! I came up with this insane idea to do their engagement photos in the Magic Kingdom. Since that day, we became friends and shared an awesome adventure together! But it pales in comparison to their awesome wedding day!

The Merion is located in Cinnaminson, NJ which about 15 minutes away from Philadelphia. With four ballrooms and marble interior, The Merion offers a variety of options for their clients seeking a reputable, gorgeous place for celebrating. The staff is always friendly and incredibly helpful. It’s no wonder why Kayla and Curt chose a The Merion Wedding for their special day!

Oh Mariah

Kayla got ready with her girls at Curt’s parent’s house to the nonstop sounds of Mariah Carey, who Kayla just LOVES. When makeup finished with Kayla, she went into Curt’s Grandmother’s room shared a sweet moment. They didn’t know I was capturing this moment from another room, and I couldn’t hear what they said to each other, but you can tell from their expressions that it was sweet.

Before Kayla got dressed she read a letter that Curt wrote to her. She laughed and cried at his written words, soaked in the moment and prepared to put her dress on. Kayla’s dress gorgeous Lazaro wedding dress was fit for a princess, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows Kayla as she’s the closest thing to a real-life Princess I’ve ever met! Her Maid and Matron of Honor helped her into her dress and helped with shoes, jewelry and Kayla prepared to see her girls for the first time!

Meanwhile over at the country club around the corner, Curt shared some laughs and a toast with his boys. Yeah groom prep is pretty standard.

Hey Daddy!

After wowing her girls, Kayla prepared to see her dad for the first time in her wedding dress. As she walked down the steps Mr. Williams, giddy with excitement, couldn’t help but smile at his baby girl.

Let’s get married

Kayla and Curt said their wedding vows in the beautiful Sacred Heart Church located in Historical downtown Mt. Holly. As soon as Kayla exited the limo, she was serenaded by the Lathan brothers, Mr. Williams’ best friends since college! Just another microcosm event of an amazing wedding day!

Once the pews filled up and the groomsmen lined up, the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle, everyone anticipated Kayla coming down the aisle…and she did not disappoint! The doors open and Mr. Williams walked Kayla down the aisle. Curt looked on in amazement as his bride shimmered towards the alter.

Visiting Grandma

Right before the wedding, Curt’s Grandmother fell ill and could not make the wedding. Because she couldn’t make the wedding, Curt said he wanted to see her on their way to The Merion. I insisted that I meet them at the house to capture the short visit. It’s moments like this that not only make a wedding day special, but make memories special. These candid moments is what people look back on years from now to remember their day. Sadly, his Grandmother passed away a couple of weeks after their wedding, making these photos priceless moments.


As we made our way to Kayla and Curt’s The Merion wedding, the light was absolutely perfect! Instead of waiting until we got to The Merion, I suggested we make a quick stop at a golf course Curt has connections with to take photos. Jenna (my second photographer) and I took advantage of this to capture photos of the beautiful bridesmaids and rowdy groomsmen at a cool location with gorgeous light!


By the time we arrived at The Merion the sun had set, leaving us in the dark (so to speak). But this allowed me to use off-camera-lighting techniques to creatively capture Kayla and Curt on The Meriona’s grounds. The fountain was frozen, so I placed Kayla and Curt behind it, added flash on them and pointed another at the fountain with a blue gel over the flash to add some color to the photo. We walked around in the freezing 20 weather utilizing The Merion structures while adding our own light to dramatically compose and light Kayla and Curt.

Curt went inside to enjoy a cocktail hour you can only get when you book a The Merion wedding. I’m talking a raw bar and some insanely delicious hors d’oeuvres! Kayla, on the other hand, wanted to show off her dress, so we took more photos of my favorite Princess!

The Party!

Kayla and Curt chose the Skylight Room to host their reception. It is one of the most epic ballrooms I’ve ever shot in. The ceiling is a gorgeous dome and when shot at certain angles, shows reflections of the couple on the dance floor, providing some epic photos! Their Beauty and the Beast-themed cake by Sunflower Bakery was beautifully displayed in the gorgeous room. After an awesome introduction, a beautiful speech by Kayla’s Maid of Honor, Stephanie, and an hilarious speech by Curt’s twin brother, Cory and a heart-felt speech by Kayla’s dad, friends and family celebrated all night to the sounds of On Point Celebrations.

JWP wishes nothing but the very best to the new Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick!